Electrical Retrofit

The experience of years in Blow Moulding industry, knowledge of machine sequence even with dedicated applications has enabled us to develop dedicated systems hardware and software to replace the old electronic equipment. As for mechanical applications we propose solutions with high quality components to make sure your machines are modern and efficient. We also propose the repair of old electronic cards by qualified personnel.

  • W.M.C. - New PLC retrofit – The new system developed by S.B.E. with intuitive full touch HMI allows a complete control of all machine functions, hydraulics, pneumatics, electric motors, extruder, temperature control, parison thickness, 3DX, etc. .... All analog and digital I / O are monitored by the system diagnostics to identify any malfunctions.
  • W.P.C. Parison Control System for Thickness and 3DX – This product was created for new applications or to replace the old parison programmers ( Moog 25, Digipack 32, Bloc 64 ), with full touch HMI and up to 8 control channels, on request with pages dedicated to control 3DX system.
  • A.C.M. Axis Controller Module - A system for the single-axis control which can replace without changes the old control modules for both electrical and hydraulic axes.
  • Electronics component repairing – It’s still possible to repair valves, cards and modules used in the blow molding machine, although we recommend replacement with new electronics.
    • Repair of electronics or PLC cards (Even if out of Production).
    • Repair of hydraulic servo valves Bosch, Moog, etc….
    • Repair of MOOG stand-alone parison control ( Moog 25, Bloc 64, Bloc 64S ).
    • Repair of Bosch Modules B830303435 - 0811405049 – 0811405122 – 0811405141.