Mechanical Retrofit and overhauling

We can improve the performance of your machine by reconditioning existing components or providing new units as extrusion heads, screws and barrels, 3DX systems, parison cut devices, etc. .... By performing the total reconditioning of your own machine we can achieve optimal performance with innovative technical solutions and reduced power consumption.

  • Extrusion Heads – We develop and manufacture extrusion heads for all applications, our heads are with torpedo style for optimal distribution of the parison thickness and a quick color change.
  • Extruders: Screw, barrel, mixer, screen changer, etc.…. – We propose screws and barrels as well as complete extruders, on request with dedicated mixers and the latest generation anti-wear surface treatments.
  • 3DX & SDC Systems
  • Complete or partial machine refurbishment – New Life to your blow molding machines with a partial or total reconditioning of all the key groups that make up the machine, a new PLC and electrical board, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment of latest generation and the new wear components to restore the productivity of your system like new.