The history of S.B.E.

S.B. Enterprise

In 1994, Alessandro Candi began working as a specialized technician in some of the leading companies in the plastics blow molding industry, deepening and improving his knowledge in this particular market.

In Bologna in 2008, together with a group of experts in the extrusion and blow molding industry, he created Service Business Enterprise (S.B.E.).

In 2015, he began working with Robin Enderby, then managing director of B.M.C. Controls with Moog representation for the UK market. Thus came the 3DX deformable ring system to the Italian and European markets.

As of 2018, B.M.C. Controls discontinued its production and transferred the know-how, production, service and sales of the 3DX systems to S.B.E. Thanks to this opportunity, we decided to ensure the highest quality of products by entering into partnership with Meccanica Zandi, which has long been our important strategic partner.

In 2021, we launched “The next generation Radial Thickness Control,” the evolution of the 3DX system, to the market. With this new generation of deformable rings, design and geometry have been greatly improved, as have the materials used, which are much stronger and more reliable, making all 3DX systems a viable solution for all types of production.

We are a winning choice and a reliable partner in the industry because:

  • We develop innovative and cutting-edge solutions, improving the quality of materials and all products, thanks to the input received directly from our partners.
  • We always provide prompt and professional support to ensure maximum productivity of all types of machines, new or used.
  • We follow each project with professionalism, seriousness and passion.
  • We attach great importance to human relations, both internal and external to our team, valuing listening skills, creativity and constant commitment.
  • We offer our support to plastic molding plants, worldwide.


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