S.B.E. Blow Moulding

Revamping, retrofitting and scheduled maintenance

Rapid technological evolution, the increasing use of electronics, and the growing demand for energy savings and worker safety risk making machines obsolete, losing competitiveness to competitors after only a few years.

We always manage to ensure the best performance for your machines, thanks to a series of customized services of scheduled maintenance, retrofitting and revamping, directly at your premises. This service allows you to extend the life cycle and remanufacture each machine.

S.B.E. is the best choice for the services of:

  • REVAMPING: after several years of operation, it is important to perform a complete overhaul of the machine or the most stressed and most worn parts through disassembly, inspection, and replacement of all damaged or compromised components.
  • RETROFITTING: it is necessary to upgrade or install new management or control technology, new worker protection systems, new mechanical assemblies with specific functions, and new equipment – for example, a 3DX deformable extrusion head, a new Parison cutting system, etc.
  • SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE: finally, it is necessary to schedule periodic maintenance, which should be carried out every year or at most every two years, to maintain a high level of performance at all times and avoid sudden downtime by replacing worn parts that can also become the cause of forming or welding defects in hollow bodies.


Depending on your needs and the type of work required, retrofitting and revamping services can be performed either directly at your company’s premises or at our production facility to breathe new life into your blow molding equipment and keep your plant’s productivity as good as new.


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