Parison Programmer

S.B.E. Blow Moulding

A Parison programmer is a device used in the production of plastic packaging by blow molding. Its use makes it possible to create a user-defined curve that will be followed by an actuator (hydraulic or electric) to change the gap between the male and the die, called “Parison.” As a result, this process varies the thickness of the melt exiting the extrusion head.
Thus, the main advantage of an S.B.E. programmer, combined with a control actuator, is the ability to vary the thickness of the Parison resulting in a lighter product and more uniform material distribution.

In summary, the use of a Parison S.B.E. programmer enables a high degree of precision in the production of plastic packaging by blow molding.

S.B.E. programmers

  • mount 10″ color touch screens;
  • are configurable for continuous extrusion or accumulation heads;
  • can handle up to two actuators for longitudinal parison thickness control and up to four actuators for 3DX systems either independently or mirrored;
  • are always synchronized to the main profile;
  • manage the piston transducer for accumulating heads;
  • handle air control for parison pre-inflation and functions for mold closure.


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