On-site assistance

S.B.E. Blow Moulding

On-site service: S.B.E. against long downtime

In the plastics blow molding industry, a failure can cause long downtime, resulting in economic losses and production delays. To help our customers avoid these inconveniences, we offer direct on-site service.

This type of service consists of sending S.B.E.’s specialized technicians to the customer’s premises to intervene promptly in case of machinery breakdown or malfunction. In fact, we guarantee quick and effective repair, minimizing downtime.

In addition, we provide comprehensive on-site service tailored to customers’ specific needs. Our experienced technicians carefully assess the machinery and the nature of the problem to provide a quick and targeted solution.

If needed, we can also provide original and high-quality spare parts, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability of the machinery. In addition, we can conduct periodic and scheduled inspections to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions.

The on-site support we offer is particularly valued by customers in the industry, where speed and continuity of production are critical.


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