Attention to quality from design to shipment

S.B.E. Blow Moulding

S.B.E.: from idea to product

We pay close attention to production quality right from the design stage. In fact, all components are designed in-house and built at Zandi Mechanical Workshop, where we are a partner. In this way, we can guarantee product quality from the earliest stages of manufacture.

Use of the best alloys with certification

To ensure the highest quality of its products, we use the best raw materials on the market, complete with certification for those of the components most subject to stress and wear. In this way, we ensure maximum strength and durability of our products, starting with our 3DX deformable ring system.

Calculation of technical components with an FEM analysis

To ensure long life and maximum efficiency for our products, we calculate key components using software with FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis. This allows us to thoroughly analyze the stresses to which the components are subjected and offer high-performance, long-lasting solutions.

High-quality exterior finishes

We also pay close attention to the external finishes of our products. In fact, the external components are treated with nickel plating or colored anodizing, which gives a shiny appearance but also provides superior protection against wear and corrosion.

Assembly and testing of the groups

After the production stage, the assemblies are assembled and tested one by one at our production facility. In this way, we can ensure that all components work at their best and that the final product is reliable and of high quality.

Attention to all details

We pay special attention to all product components, from electric or hydraulic actuators down to the smallest screw. Everything is checked so that they are always at their best in terms of quality, reliability and use for our customers.

Shipping in wooden crates according to ISPM15 standard

To ensure maximum protection of products during shipment, we only use wooden crate packaging for international shipping in accordance with ISPM15. In addition, the company logo is always painted on the lid of the crate, a sign of our attention to detail and product presentation even during shipping.

Not only products: ethics and responsibility of S.B.E.

Selling a product and guaranteeing a service means more than just signing a contract or putting a stamp and signature on a page. For us at S.B.E., it means starting a true and fruitful partnership with the customer. It means taking responsibility for each product and always being there, with continuous and professional support, even after installation.

We have always focused on the customer and put him at the center of attention, listen to his needs and propose the solution that will give him the most advantage and competitiveness in the market.

During each negotiation, we do not need to belittle competitors’ products by finding nonexistent defects, but always leave the freedom to choose, without being bound by unilateral contracts. For us, it is not essential to sell one more product, but to provide the best solution, the one that will make it more competitive in the market.

We do not need to bind the customer with contracts of exclusivity, but we do care about becoming reliable partners through a constant presence, with assistance always guaranteed every day of the year and with professional advice needed to optimize the systems. The assistance we provide to our customers will never fail, not even if one day they decide not to buy from us anymore.

We are not afraid of competition; on the contrary, we believe that market competition can only bring benefits to improve or invent new solutions that can achieve higher performance results.

New-generation and new-design products are the result of technological research, the use of new materials and increasingly cutting-edge solutions.


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