Taking care about quality from design to delivery

S.B.E. Blow Moulding

SBE: from idea to product

S.B.Enterprise srl pays attention to the quality of production already at the design stage. In fact, all components are designed in-house and manufactured in the mechanical plant of our partner Meccanica Zandi. In this way, S.B.E. can guarantee product quality already at the initial stage of production.

Use of the best certified alloys

To ensure the highest quality of their products, S.B.E. uses the best raw materials on the market and the raw materials used in the components most exposed to loads and wear have appropriate certificates. In this way, S.B.E. can guarantee the highest strength and durability of their products, starting with our 3DX deformation ring system.

Calculation of technical components using FEM analysis software

To guarantee the long life and maximum performance of their products, S.B.E. calculates parameters of key components using finite element analysis software. This makes it possible to carry out a thorough analysis of the stresses to which components are exposed, and to offer highly efficient and durable solutions.

High-quality external finishings

S.B.E. also pays attention to the external finish of its products. External components are nickel plated or coloured anodized for a shiny finish and excellent protection against wear or corrosion.

Assembly and testing of assemblies

After the production phase, the assemblies are mounted and tested at the S.B.E. production facility. In this way, the company can guarantee the best performance of all components and the reliability and high quality of the final product.

Taking care about every detail

S.B.E. pays special attention to all component parts of the products, from the electric or hydraulic actuators down to the smallest screw. All components are checked so that they always present the highest level of quality, reliability and comfort of use by customers.

Shipment in wooden crates in accordance with ISPM15 standards

To ensure the best protection of products during transport, S.B.E. uses only wooden crates for international shipments, in accordance with ISPM15 standards. In addition, the lid of the crate always bears the company logo, which proves the attention to detail and presentation of the product, also at the shipping stage.

Beyond Products: Ethics and Responsibility at S.B.E.

The sale of product and the service performance guarantee are not only about signing a contract or placing a stamp and signature on the page. For us at S.B.E., this means starting real and fruitful cooperation with the client. This means responsibility for each product and continuous presence, offering constant and professional support, also after installation.

We have always focused on customer needs and paid special attention to them – we listen to the needs of our customers and propose solutions that will give them the greatest advantage and competitiveness on the market.

During negotiations, we do not have to diminish the quality of competitors’ products by searching for non-existent defects, but we always leave freedom of choice, without being bound by unilateral contracts. For S.B.E., it’s not just about selling another product; it’s about delivering the best, most appropriate solution – one that will make the product more competitive on the market.

We do not have to bind the client with exclusive contracts, but we want to become reliable partners thanks to constant presence, providing constant support and professional advice to ensure full optimization of the systems.

We will provide technical support to our customers even if they decide not to buy our products anymore.

We are not afraid of competition, on the contrary, we believe that market competition can only bring benefits, thanks to which we will be able to improve our product or find new solutions to achieve better results.

New generation products and new designs are the result of technological research, the use of new materials and the implementation of more and more innovative solutions.


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