Consulting and design

S.B.E. Blow Moulding

S.B.E. consulting and custom design.

The blow molding industry requires innovative solutions to increase production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce costs. Our company offers custom design and consulting services to help customers achieve these goals by providing advanced technical solutions.

Parison extrusion heads with the 3DX deformable ring are custom-designed to fit each customer’s specific needs, offering maximum flexibility and customization.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive consulting service, in which technical experts assess the client’s specific needs and propose customized solutions. Specifically, the consulting begins with a detailed analysis of the product to be manufactured and the client’s needs, identifying all areas where action can be taken to improve efficiency and quality.

Next, our experts study the best solutions, using the latest technologies and materials. Finally, they customize these solutions for the customer’s specific needs, ensuring a significant improvement in performance and increased competitiveness in the market.

We assist our clients throughout the implementation process of the proposed solutions, ensuring constant technical support and ongoing assistance.

Thus, through personalized advice and constant technical support, we help our clients improve production efficiency, product quality and market competitiveness.


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