Engineering and consulting

S.B.E. Blow Moulding

Individual consulting and custom design by S.B.E.

The blow moulding sector requires innovative solutions to increase production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce costs. S.B.E. offers tailor-made consulting and design services to help its clients achieve all these goals by providing advanced technical solutions.

The 3DX deformation ring system allows the production of high-quality hollow plastic bodies with complex shapes, reducing the risk of defects and increasing the efficiency of the production process. Parison 3DX deformable ring extrusion heads are custom designed to suit each client’s specific needs, providing the highest level of flexibility and customization.

S.B.E. offers a complete consulting service where technical experts assess the specific needs of the client and propose individual solutions. Consulting begins with a detailed analysis of the product to be manufactured and the client’s needs, identifying all areas where action can be taken to improve efficiency and quality.

Then the technical experts of S.B.E. develop the best solutions using the latest technologies and the most advanced materials. The proposed solutions are tailored to the specific needs of customers, while guaranteeing a significant improvement in efficiency and greater competitiveness on the market.

S.B.E. accompanies its clients in the process of implementing the proposed solutions, guaranteeing constant technical support and continuous assistance.

Thanks to personalized advice and constant technical support, S.B.E. helps its customers improve production efficiency and product quality and increase competitiveness on the market.


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